Toy Terror's "Cannibal Holocaust Toyconosaurus" custom ToyCon UK mascot figure!

T-Con, the dinosaur mascot of ToyCon UK, has been customized into this "Cannibal Holocaust Toyconosaurus" by Toy Terror. Inspired by the film Cannibal Holocaust, which was the first found footage horror movie, this T-Con fits perfectly into the world of the cannibal Amazon tribe depicted within the Italian production. The artist did a fantastic job creating the feel in this one-of-a-kind piece, and as he describes:
First and foremost for the skin and skeleton, I wanted to capture the smokey, ash blue that the tribesmen are smothered in and take it up a notch. This is complimented with a tribal headdress created from unwoven thread, that's been dyed with a mixture of paint, ink and tea. Around the neck of the T-con is a trophy necklace comprising of two-dozen individually sculpted and hand-painted human skulls. For a movie like this, how can I ignore the gore and guts?! And as instructed, I went to town on tearing open the T-Con to expose the gruesome insides, flesh and bone! A true gorefest!
The film's tagline was "The One That Goes All The Way" and, much like that sentiment, I think we can agree this custom also goes all the way! This was a commissioned work for a private collector, and as such is not available for purchase, though we're informed that Toy Terror is accepting new people to his commission list currently. If you're interested, please contact the artist directly with your requests.

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