"The Gatekeeper" from Credenda Studios awaits your arrival!

Credenda Studios has been hard at work the past couple of months sculpting, casting, and designing, and they are about to drop another figure that is not like any other figure they have done in the past... Introducing "The Gatekeeper"!!! "Have you talked to a Demon or danced with the Devil? Well if you have, then chances are you've met the Underworld's bouncer also know at The Gatekeeper." With multiple paint applications and packaged on a laser engraved backer board that resembles a Ouija Board, this is like nothing you've ever seen before. With a small run of only 15 pieces, this figure will vanish faster than a ghost. PRE-ORDER the Gatekeeper HERE on October 1st at 8pm, MST for just $75 a pop... don't miss out!

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