Shadoe Delgado To Go On Customizing Hiatus! Final Chance to join Delgado's Commission List!

Even though it was only four months ago that we announced about how fantastic sculptural customizer Shadoe Delgado was looking to fill his commission list, he's now opting to close said same list… In light of the amount of work he's been doing on customs, he's decided to refocus on doing original sculptures and toys. He will, of course, finish up and all commissions he currently has on his list and, in fact, he'll give you until September 30th, 2014 to get on that commission list! This might be the last chance — outside of art shows — to buy a custom from Delgado, so… Those interested in commissioning a Dunny, Munny, or Labbit platform can simply place their order for the appropriate sized beast in Delgado's online shop, though those desiring something a bit more unique should contact the artist at ShadoeDelgado [at] gmail [dot] com to work out the details with Delgado directly.

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