Retroband's "B.R.A.W.L" original resin action figures released at MondoCon… More coming soon!

Since the beginning of Retroband, Aaron Moreno has been pushing the limits of handmade resin action figures… and, very early on, he had begun discussions with frequent collaborator Gabriel Hernandez (Worthy Enemies) about creating something original and large scale. Months in the making, Hernandez "has spent an immense amount of time creating the atmosphere, story, sketch work, and authenticity of a gang infested city in the early '80s," a world which the pair are calling "B.R.A.W.L!" The first two figures in this series "Strykr" and "Ox" — leaders of the Gladiators Godland and Throne Runners Gate Street respectively — were released this past weekend at the 2014 MondoCon, but only half of the limited edition run was produced for the convention… the remaining half, when completed, will be released through the Retroband online shop.

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