One of Ferg's Squadts beautifully re-imagined as "War" — the Horseman of the Apocalypse — by fplus!

One of the best signs of a happy customer is a return customer… if someone comes back for more, you can expect they were happy all previous times. And nowhere is that sentiment more true than in commissioned artwork, wherein the collector of art objects may enlist the services of a specific artist once… but only a second, third, fourth, etc. time if they were thrilled in the past. Thus the fact that Josh "fplus" Pearce was commissioned to create this stunning rendition of "War," as in the Horseman of the Apocalypse, to go with a horse one-of-a-kind piece that the collector had bought from Pearce last year, well… that says volumes. And, gazing upon this work, one can't question why. A gorgeous evolution of the Squadt platform, uniquely sculpted upon with Magic Sculpt, and painted in a truly breathe-taking and elaborate fashion. If you would like to commission Josh Pearce to create an objet d'art for you, please contact him through his website.

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