"My Final Breath" resin art multiple Series 3 announced from Squink!

The third and final online series release of Squink's "MY FINAL BREATH" resin art multiple, cast in two parts from a hand sculpted original, will drop next Tuesday, September 9th at 12Noon PST! This release consists of a number of one off and super limited color variations. The majority of these will NEVER be available again once they're sold out, and the ratios/production numbers are pretty rare! Each measures approx 1.5" tall, retails for around $80 a pop, and comes packed in a randomly selected sticker branded, ribbon tied gift box. For this release, you will have your choice of: Pearled Turquoise, Pearled Blue, Muddy puddle, Lime, Angel Sparkle, Monochrome, Vintage, Early Amethyst, Freshwater, and + ? - and as you can see from the photo above, this new batch looks awesome!

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