MadKnits SEPTEMBER Monster of the Month... introducing "Pratt"!

"Pratt the Outlaw - Pratt follows no one's rules, including his own! Since the crash he has been cruising the planet on his own, making his own way and cashing in when he can---legally or not. Pratt is suited out with a wool holster and ray gun. Each monster comes individually numbered on his ray gun." Kait Juarez of MadKnits is proud to be releasing this limited edition plush monster! Pratt measures 10" tall, is made of cotton, wool, embroidery floss and is dyed with India ink... and in comes with a holster and ray-gun accessories. Up for grabs HERE on Saturday, September 20th at 12pm EST... keep in mind, these are a limited edition of just 20 signed and numbered pieces, so don't miss out!

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