John Grayson x SubUrban Vinyl - NYCC 2014 exclusive "Street Spirits" artist series!!!

The SubUrban Vinyl Toys artist series of their resin "Street Spirits" figure continues at New York Comic Con with their next artist... John Grayson. Each 8.5" Street Spirit is a mixed media collage with spray paint and emulsion transfer application and no 2 are alike. This is an edition of 7 and each one comes with a unique print (left) and compliments the corresponding figure... these look awesome! The prints are 11" x 14" HPM (hand painted multiple) mixed media and silkscreen print on white 250gsm rives bfk paper (acid-free, 100% cotton) signed numbered and embossed. They will be available at of booth #208 in the block... don't miss out!

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