Frank Kozik's "Heathrow the Hedgehog" blind box mini-series & "Piggy Bank" teaser!

Frank Kozik has been working on the next evolutions for his "Heathrow the Hedgehog" figure, and he's going to both extremes with it! Pictured above is the work-in-progress box art for the "Heathrow the Hedgehog" blind boxed series, with the adorable little scamps standing about 1¾-inches tall and expected to retail for only $6-7 per box. And, unless my math is off, there is at least one more design, as only 76 our of 80 are accounted for… or maybe there's a 1-in-20 "secret" chase.

Also being worked on by Kozik is the massive 12-inch tall version of "Heathrow the Hedgehog" that's teased below, once again through box design: the "Saving Bank" version! Yes, like your classic piggy bank, but filled with much more hate. Both of these boxed releases appear to be produced and manufactured by BIC Plastics.

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