Customs by Matt JOnes, A Little Stranger, Triclops Studio, UME Toys, DMS, Lisa Rae Hansen, MAp-MAp & More!

Still a relatively fresh face to the community, artist Kerry Dyer hit the ground running and never quite let up… Following the release of her own "Mole XL" resin figures at ToyCon UK earlier this year, she's enlisted a 'best and brightest' from the worldwide art scene to customize the pieces and/or create two-dimensional art inspired by them. Titled "RE-MOLED," the collection of assembled pieces will be displayed at Loading Bar, London's insanely awesome video game bar, on December 6th, 2014. But, more importantly, who will be shown… Participating are: A Little Stranger, Dr Barbados, Zukaty Toyz, ibreaktoys (Lisa Rae Hansen), David Stevenson, UME Toys, Kerry Dyer, DMS, Okkle, FarkFk, Lunartik (Matt JOnes), Mr Lister, Zombiekel, Pocket Wookie, Uncle Absinthe, Sneaky Raccoon, Zro Toys, RunDMB, Robotic Industries, Mark Treharne, Mike Strick, Jenn & Tony Bot, Hoakser, Emily Bee, Triclops, Luke Hyde, Dani Abram, Ian Mathews, Flatties, Lex Luthor, STAE, MAp-MAp, Mimic, Jam Factory, Nicola Welbourne, iNKBOTz, Sam Horton, Octopus Jam, Bianca Ansems, Oduarpa, Nicola Robertson, Lize Meddings, Leemo626, A4man, and a secret club! All remaining piece will be available online starting Sunday, December 7th, 2014 at 2AM Pacific time in Dyer's online shop.

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