COSMOS Project × Medicom Toy's "Cosmos Alien" Soft Japanese Vinyl Figures Mini Series!

Heavily inspired by the classic Ooze-it figure, the COSMOS Projects designed "Cosmos Alien: Octopus" (#1) and "Cosmos Alien: Fish" (#2) — previously known as "Cosmos Alien A" and "Cosmos Alien B" — have been joined in their 3-inch tall size alongside several new Cosmos Alien designs: "Sea Urchin" (#3), "Squid" (#4), "Blob Fish" (#5), and "Seahorse" (not pictured). With the new figure molds being made by Mirock Toy's Yohei Kaneko, the entire soft Japanese vinyl (sofubi) series is available now for pre-order — with the "Cosmos Alien: Seahorse" being your reward if you buy all five versions! Produced by Medicom Toy, these are planned to ship in late January 2015 and each one will come with retro box packaging, an appropriately sized pin part (which fit into the mouth, eye, and ear holes that slime would issue from in the original 30-year-old figure), and it also comes with an alien blood sticker! And, to be clear, these pieces CAN issue forth slime just like the original (though slime is NOT included)! Available to order now from HERE until October 31st, 2014 at 7:59AM Pacific time for only ¥2,500 (approx. $23) apiece.

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