"Cold Lemurian Code" King Jinx custom micro-run by Skinner!

Skinner received a blessing from the all mighty Paul Kaiju to paint up a micro-run of 5 massive sofubi King Jinx figures... and as you can see, Skinner in turn blessed these beasts with multiple layers of V-Color in what Skinner is calling the "Cold Lemurian Code" edition! "Crawling snapping oars in a cold blue hell. Mariner of deep secret Lemurian Codes. Scratch the bottom of your ship, scratch the back of your skull. Pull apart the back of your skull and crawl inside. Control at the bottom of the ocean your body moves slowly in the mud. Jinx is your king, jinx is in your mind and he is making your muscles twitch. You have a belly full of barnacles. You have a belly full of eels. One thing prays to you and it ain't too pretty. King Jinx is the one you gotta love. King Jinx is the pull of the ocean tearing at your dead green skin." This run of 5 figures will be up for grabs HERE this Friday, October 3rd at 12Noon PST for $400 a pop... don't miss out!

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