Brian Flynn's "Krazy Kidz" sculptures for his "Memories of Tomorrow" solo exhibition at Subtext!

Brian Flynn evolves the aesthetic he's made Super7 so infamous for, creating remarkable sculptural works to exhibit at his newest solo show, "Memories of Tomorrow." Pictured above are his selection of "Krazy Kidz" pieces, each being an 18"×6"×6" turned wood body base with cast metal arms & legs as well as a spun resin head, though these hand-painted with acrylic works were recently seen during the "Idol Worship" exhibit at Toy Art Gallery. From left to right we have: Dr. Woodbe (partially obscured), Esther, the limited bronze edition of the Skullwalker, Quincy (partially obscured), Avika, Reginald, Mildred, and Dr. Moz (partially in frame). Joining them is the brand new Dokurocker, a micro edition of fantastic fiberglass rocking horses made to resemble Flynn's well known Doku Duo design, as well as a multitude of beautiful prints. All remaining pieces from the exhibit are available now only from HERE.

Brian Flynn's "Memories of Tomorrow" is currently on display and will remain so until October 11th, 2014 at the Subtext, 2479 Kettner Blvd., San Diego, CA 92101.

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