You heard the man, PAINT HIM! Emilio Subirá's "Johnny paint me motherf***er" DIY resin figures!

Quite possibly the best D.I.Y. platform idea that I've ever seen, Emilio Subirá's "Johnny paint me motherf***er" has a Renaissance sculpture style meets junk toy aesthetic on the body, while the head is shear genius, being nothing more than a mini stretched canvas. Sold in a variety of colors, these articulated polyurethane resin pieces come ready to be painted and/or customized. Handmade to order by the artist at his studio in Seville, Spain, these "Johnny paint me motherf***er" figures come in either the full-sized 17cm (~6¾-inch) version and the mini 12cm (~4¾-inch) tall rendition, with prices ranging from €25 to €50 (approx. $33 to $66) depending on color and limitation. Available now in Subirá's online shop!

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