Win Shitty Art! Schmucklord's "Super Crooked Art Moves" (S.C.A.M) Raffle #2 on Facebook!

Why pay tons of money for something when you can get it for free? "Another Shitty Toy You Didn't Get To Buy" is the slogan of the Schmucklord, a resin making toy designer that parodies The Super Sucklord almost exclusively. And getting one of Schmucky's releases almost puts you in an exclusive club… they are rarely for sale and usually limited to only a couple of copies (at most!), so with the launch of his recent "Super Crooked Art Moves," or S.C.A.M, raffle series through Facebook, now everyone has a somewhat fairish chance… To enter the most recent one, just post a comment HERE. What will you win? When will the contest be over? God only knows on both accounts…

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