TRU:TEK's Gory Hole t-shirt, toy & 'zine brand to debut at NYCC 2013 with… "Ooze-ball" metal rings!

Master maker of weirdness TRU:TEK, known for his countless Disarticulators projects, will be expanding out and launching a new brand: Gory Hole! Focused on being a 'zine, toy and t-shirt place, Gory Hole are actually launching with some jewelry. Set to debut at the 2013 New York Comic Con, these pewter Ooze-it inspired metal rings — actually depicting The Disarticulators's "Ooze-ball," one can assume — were sculpted by baindots and will be part of the brand launch at TRU:TEK & Rampage Toys's NYCC Booth.

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