True Cast Studio's 'RETURN OF THE WALKING DUD' - PVC production goodness!!!

True Cast Studio's "The Walking Dud" will have it's first release/drop this coming Sunday the 31st of August at 8pm CST... and for all you Zombie fans out there... this is what you have been waiting for!!! These are all production PVC figures from the Onell Design factory in China, and the best part, they have Glyos System articulation, which means they are 100% interchangeable with all figures in the Glyos system... RAD!!! Standing 4" tall, this dead dummy wants to lumber his way into your collection!

There will be a "Pheyden Blue" unpainted colorway in the baggie for just $8 a pop which is GREAT for painting/customizing, an "Ultra Rotten" fully painted colorway in baggie for only $15 a piece, and then an "Ultra Rotten DX" fully painted colorway in clamshell w/ header card and inner vacuum formed tray for the ultra low price of $20. Seriously though, why wouldn't you get one of each... that price is ridiculous!!! Hit up their online shop HERE at the above date and time to secure your very own UnDead... or shall we say UnDud :-)

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