REVEALED: Mondo Toys's "Alfred Hitchcock" 1/6th Scale Action Figure!

FADE IN on a caricature of Alfred Hitchcock's rotund profile. CUE MUSIC as Hitchcock somberly walks from STAGE RIGHT to the CENTER, eclipsing the line-drawn version of himself. "Good evening," Hitchcock drolly mutters… Thus began every episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, later retitled The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, during which the already famous director of such films as The Man Who Knew Too Much and Strangers on a Train would break his silence — as he was known for cameos in all his films — and become the host as well as the main attraction. And, perhaps, it was this TV show that made the visage of Hitchcock so ingrained in popular culture… enough so that Mondo Toys feel safe releasing a 1/6th scale action figure of the notable persona. Spotted at San Diego Comic-Con, pictured above, the fantastic figure captures the look of Hitchcock perfectly, right down to his iconic attire and director's chair accessory. Not pictured are several infamous movie prop accessories that the figure will also come with, such as a butcher knife, raven, and seagull! We understand that Hitchcock's family has seen and approved the action figure, so hopefully it will only be a short wait until more information is released.

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