"MR. CANKER" & "AMNION SEQUENCE" resin figures from Selfish Little Productions!!!

"MR. CANKER", created by Zac of Selfish Little Productions, is a 5 1/2" tall solid resin figure with magnet articulated arms... and unlike the Canker's you get in your mouth or on your lips... this is one STD you want to have!!! The first wave of these is limited to only six unique one-off colorways and these bumpy little dudes will be bagged in a faux soiled burlap sack with full color header. Buyers will have the option of which variations they'd like, and you can bring one home for only $40 - with shipping included!!! But wait... there's more...

On top of this nasty bump riddled dude, Zac will also be releasing his "AMNION SEQUENCE" resin figures! Standing 6" tall, these figures are fitted with magnetic articulated heads and are limited to 9 different colorways! All will be blind-bagged and will retail for the cool price of just $15 a pop! All of these figure will be released HERE at 5pm EST this Saturday the 23rd of August... love them!!!

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