Mondo Toys's MASSIVE 16-inch tall "Iron Giant" Action Figure with 30 points of articulation!

It was always a crying shame that The Iron Giant didn't spawn a multitude of merchandise, but — thanks to Mondo Toys — that's all going to change… Having received the original animation files from director Brad Bird and Warner Bros., Mondo is authentically re-creating the central robot from the film as a 16-inch tall action figure with 30 points of articulation and elements that light up thanks to the help of Klim over at Bigshot Toyworks who was tasked with developing, sculpting and prototyping this massive figure!Heck, he'll even have a magnetic "S" from the "Seafood" sign to put on his chest as well as an interchangeable dented head and weaponized arm, so you can make the 'War Version' of the figure. And, believe it or not, that's not all… Mondo Toys are also planning on doing a 6-inch replica of the Iron Giant's 'bolt,' the strange heart and soul of the robot! These will be joined by the two officially announced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles products (seen HERE and HERE), as well as the previously revealed "Alfred Hitchcock" 1/6th scale figure, to form the first wave of Mondo Toys releases.

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