Jon Paul Kaiser's custom "Pinhead" Ryusei Ninja Ichibanboshi figure!!!

Created as a private commission, artist Jon Paul Kaiser was super excited to take on this project as the collector requested JPK to create "Pinhead" from the Hellraiser movie franchise... which by the way JPK mentions he used to be a little obsessed with these movies as a teen! He goes on to say "It took me a while to find the right figure to use as a base, then I stumbled on RealxHead's Ryusei Ninja Ichibanboshi figure, which I thought would be perfect."... and he was correct.. the perfect base for an awesome custom! Jon tells us that the pins took nearly as long to insert and glue as painting the rest of the figure... and we say, no matter how long it took, the end result is another flawless work of art! Do you dig this as much as we do? Well, Jon's commissions list is now open if you want to get you own custom created, and you can contact him either through his website www.jonpaulkaiser.com or email at jpk@jonpaulkaiser.com - take advantage of this folks!

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