"Dunny Cake" resin creations from Random Skull Production... these are RAD!

We have all seen custom resin cast Dunny's... but up until now, we have never seen something this creative and simple! Artist Alex Baker of Random Skull Productions has been releasing limited runs of what he calls his "Dunny Cake" figures... all of which have sold out, and rightfully so, these are so creative! Simple in design, Alex sculpted a whipped top top that still contains the Dunny ears, then, utilizing the body with no arms, hides it inside a resin cupcake wrapper where once place inside it looks like a Dunny Cupcake... only yo reveal the body once removed from the wrapper! Priced anywhere from $30-$35 a piece, his latest creation (Posted above) entitled the "Key Lime Slime" edition, will be up for grabs in his webshop HERE on Wednesday, August 27th at 7pm EST! One with sprinkles and two without, sprinkles can be added if you like, just leave a note when you order. Only 3 are made... so keep watch! For up to date info, follow Alex on Instagram HERE! Keep up the great work, these are so cool!

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