ClogTWO × Mighty Jaxx's "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Giclée Prints!

Illustrated in the hyper-stylized vision of ClogTWO, the above pictured renditions of the four titular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are fantastic finds for any TMNT fan. Set to be released as archival pigment (Giclée) prints by Mighty Jaxx this upcoming weekend, if you buy all four Turtles and the print for Splinter (not pictured), then you'll receive the exclusive Shredder print as well! While not officially announced, we're assuming that these will be 16½"×23⅖" prints on 300gsm Cotton Fine Art Paper, like his previous Mighty Jaxx prints, and be limited to 50 copies apiece for $50 each in the Mighty Jaxx's online store. Likewise, the unique, original ink and marker renderings on 8"×11" 220gsm cream paper are available for each piece directly from the artist for $340 apiece; those interested should email clog02 [at] electrocaine [dot] com for availability and reserving pieces.

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