Brandt Peters × Ferg's "OOZE №13" Terror Boys Squadt… Retailer Edition!

The Squadt collaborative series "Terror Boys" reunites Brandt Peters and Ferg, having them transform the typically militant Squadt into something inspired by classic horror films. Following up their "OOZE №13 [nightmarish]" release (seen HERE), we have the above pictured retailer version of "OOZE №13" that was spotted at SDCC recently. Standing 6-inches tall, this vinyl/ABS piece seems to have lost the Nightmare on Elm Street inspired look for something a tad more ghastly… Wearing a deep blue top and coming with a removable translucent helmet with a bluish tint (see below), we're guessing this piece also includes two sets of arms (classic & 2.1), two sets of lenses, a removable hood, meat cleaver, and a make-shift weapon (a 2×4 with nails through it). No announced release date or price yet, but expect that information to be forthcoming.

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