Ashley Wood & threeA unleash brand new breasts on the world!

Doesn't everyone love a lurid (and accurate) post title? The previously announced "Zomb MD and Albino Nurse" two figure set won't be the only additions to Ashley Wood's "Adventure Kartel" or even the greater threeA universe… For yes, the Nurse figure has brand new 1/6th scale (12-inch tall figure) breast molds being employed for her. Will these be the new standard or more of a special release design? Time will tell, but the $280 apiece AKLUB "Zomb MD and Albino Nurse" set is also being joined by the non-AKLUB "Black Rose Zomb Nurse" for $120 apiece, all of which be available for pre-order today (August 7th, 2014) — probably around 5 or 6PM Pacific time — in the Bambaland online shop!

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