Voltron, Power Rangers, Street Fighter & TMNT... all at SDCC 2014 and in plush from Flophouse!!!

We were really excited to bring you an exclusive look at Flophouse's "Flophouse Pancakes" plush figures HERE, which that are slated to debut at SDCC 2014, and today we have even more info for you all! Releasing via their booth #5050 will be a whole bunch of characters including: Raph, Leo, Donny, Mikey, Ryu, Blanka, Voltron, Red Ranger, Green Ranger, He-Man, and Skeletor! These will be available in very limited quantities and you can snag one up for only $25 a pop or grab 2 for $40. I love the way these look, and seeing as they are just $25 a pop, how can you pass that up!?!?!

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