Super7 × Secret Base's "Alien" Popy-style soft Japanese vinyl figure for SDCC 2014!

The '70s and early '80s Japanese company Popy is fondly remembered today for their high quality productions of licensed characters — including the die-cast metal "Chogokin" figures — so it's truly exciting that Super7 and Secret Base have collaborated on something "styled in the tradition of classic Popy figures": the 4½-inch tall vinyl "Alien" figure! With articulation at the waist, arms, and neck, this piece is topped with a clear dome over its head and comes packaged in a retro box inspired by the original Kenner 18" Alien packaging. Available from Super7's SDCC Booth #5245 for $45 apiece, this figure is exclusive to the convention… though we all hope another version quickly comes out for those that can't attend.
 PLEASE NOTE:  Super7's SDCC Booth number has been changed. They are now #4945.

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