Squid Kids Ink × SEGA's "Mega-Bit" — Officially Licensed Sega Genesis Game Cartridge Figures!

In the next evolution of Squid Kids Ink's Retro Inspired Products (RIP), things have gotten serious. And by serious, I mean official… officially licensed, at least! Made in the approval and official license of SEGA, these brand new renditions of the "10-Doh!" concept are named "Mega-Bit," modeled after the classic Sega Genesis game cartridge design. Standing 4½-inches tall and 7-inches wide, what really separates this new direction from the past is that they are able to place a variety of real game labels upon the releases! But, as you can imagine, all this is not cheap to do… so Squid Kids needs your help to make it happen! Having launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund this project, head over now and score one of these nostalgic pieces for only $35!

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