SNEAK PEEK INSIDE… Super7 × Funko's "Alien Egg Chamber" ReAction Figures Playset!

While the box's cover image being revealed (above) gave us some insight into what the ReAction Figures line's "Alien Egg Chamber Playset" would look like, it's not the same as seeing some nice detail shots like those below! For those that haven't heard yet, this release will be exclusively available at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con from Super7. Made out of durable hand-cast resin for the base and corrugated cardboard for the backdrop, similar to the '70s and '80s style playsets it is emulating, this stunning display area is limited to a numbered edition of only 250 pieces! Available from Super7's SDCC Booth #4945, these $100 apiece gems are going to be strictly sold at one per person for the entirety of the show…

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