Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica × Kuso Vinyl's "Catchaman Minicel Joe" vinyl figure for 2014 SDCC!

As the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con looms closer, more and more fantastic exclusives are being revealed… Such as the "Catchaman Minicel Joe" vinyl/PVC figure designed by Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica, using their own 4-inch tall 'Miniature Celsius' (or Minicel) platform as the base! Obviously inspired by the classic '70s Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (or just Gatchaman) TV show, which is better known to Americans as Battle of the Planets, this piece re-invents Gatchaman himself, the leader of the team, Ken Washio! Limited to a mere 150 pieces worldwide, these Kuso Vinyl produced figures come with two gun accessories and will cost a mere $20 apiece from Kuso's SDCC Booth #5642.

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