REVEALED: Super7 × Funko's "Alien: Deep Space Mystery" ReAction Figures from SDCC!

Ever since the ReAction Figures's "Alien Deep Space Mystery" blind 'boxes' were announced, everyone has wondered what would be inside these fantastic Super7 releases at San Diego Comic-Con… Well, wonder no more! As pictured above, the egg-shaped containers seem to have "Big Chap" (the Xenomorph), "Ripley," and "Kane" cast in both completely clear plastic as well as translucent black/grey with white flecks, which I'm calling Space Splattered. But what are those figures lying down on the edge of the shot? Pictured below, it is the brand new "Chest Bursting Kane" figure, available in the same two colorways as the others! There might even be more goodies to find in those amazing eggs, so swing by Super7's SDCC Booth #4945 and grab at least one (but no more than four) at only $25 per egg.

[Images courtesy of Namu Niku's Instagram feed.]

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