R.A.D.C.O.M. Apecycling "the LAST six" action figures from JeAA!

John Eugene Atendido Avila aka JeAA just completed a brand new 1:6 scale action figure that he is calling Apecycling "the LAST six"... and talk about going all out on this! From the custom accessories, packaging, and attention to detail, this figure is the real deal! On top of all that you see above in the photo and video, John mentions that he'll also be inserting a random art piece (1/6 scale Experimental Sound Instrument) design is inspired by an local band called "Elemento"... they use Junk Art as their musical instrument! No word on how much or where these can be picked up, but I am sure he will update his Faceboook page HERE with all important info very soon!

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