Pushead × Hirota Saigansho's "Mecha Gorilla-ju" evolution… "Itamu" revealed at SDCC!

Spotted on our good friends Vinyl Pulse's site, Pushead (pictured above) did a wonderfully theatrical style unveiling during this year's San Diego Comic-Con at Toy Tokyo's Booth #5537… revealing his brand new collaboration with Hirota Saigansho, an evolution of company president Yasuaki Hirota's "Mecha Gorilla-ju" sofubi figure, which Pushead hand-painted a limited number of for last year's SDCC. The 10½-inch tall "Mecha Gorilla-ju" is itself an evolution of "Gorilla-ju" (ゴリラ獣, literally Gorilla Beast), which was first released in 2009 and then had its robotic counterpart created in 2011. Pushead's new rendition of the figure will be named "Itamu" (痛む), which Vinyl Pulse reports means "Damaged," and the full body design will be sculpted by Hirota for casting in soft Japanese vinyl, as the head pictured already is. No word on if there will be an omake (accessories) with this release, though "Gorilla-ju" typically comes with a male and/or female native person omake and "Mecha Gorilla-ju" usually comes with a nuclear missile and, rarely, a banzai soldier.

[Images and some information courtesy of Vinyl Pulse's blog.]

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