Pronto Pixel's "ISLAND HOOLIGAN" vinyl figure test shot!

"I fell from a shooting star, from a galaxy not so far. Nourished by the earth and flourished by the sea. I live off the heat and don’t like no meat. I have a heart that is bright and never give up a fight. I have powers to consume your pain and happiness for you to gain. Some say I’m a friend, some say I’m a foe, it’s only up to you to know." Pure white vinyl... ahhhh yes, nothing else like it, and Indonesian based artist Pronto Pixel is stoked to show off his brand new figure entitled "ISLAND HOOLIGAN"! Details are very scant at the moment, but Pronto did mention that these are being produced by Kurobokan, newcomers to the designer vinyl scene. More details when we get them... until then, don't blow your top like this guy :-)

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