Paul Kaiju's "Domino Jack: Half Visible Jack" to release during his One-Day Event at Gunnzo!

It has now been clarified that the previously announced one-day PaulKaiju event at Gunnzo is not at San Diego Comic-Con, simply an off-site event that same weekend. So now we know that on July 25th, 2014 those interested will have to head to Gunnzo's store (2445 Juan St., San Diego, CA 92110) in order to score the brilliance… And, as you can see above, one such piece is the "Domino Jack: Half Visible Jack" figure! This piece was original teased and revealed HERE and I've been waiting for this one… A truly lovely retro-styled robotic character, "Domino Jack" will hopefully not be available only as one-of-a-kind customs during the event, as it would be lovely to see a proper micro edition released as well!

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