**On Site** Paul Kaiju x Gunnzo - “A Fistful of Dominoes” pop-up shop special event during SDCC 2014!!!

Artist Paul Kaiju proved tonight that no matter where he holds his events or when they are, his fans are truly dedicated to not only him as a person, but to him as a master artist.... and the event that Gunnzo hosted tonight entitled, “A Fistful of Dominoes”, really showcased not only a classy event, but amazing art as well! If most of you have been to a convention, primarily SDCC, usually events that happen off site need to be withing a 12 block radius (at the most) so that people can walk or even take what little transportation San Diego has to offer... and it really was a concern to some that this show from Paul would be a tough sell because of the distance from the convention center to Gunnzo... but as 6pm approached (SDCC was still going on, btw), Paul's fans were already filling the small vinyl shop, spilling into the front and back areas as well, ans as you can see from the photo above... this place was packed!

On display, was a multitude of different colorways of sofubi figures that Paul had be so dillegiently painting for the past few months, prepping for this show, making sure that his fans didn't leave empty handed. Beautiful Black vinyl with violet and teal sprayed "Boss Carrion's", had dyed and painted "Mockpilot's", Clear vinyl with neon pink, green, and gold sprayed "King Jinx's", the fan favorite "Mr Ree's", not to mention the brand new "Domino Jack" figure... and so much more! Paul pulled out all the stops for this show, and so did Gunnzo as they had street tacos catered and enough beverages to quench even the thirstiest kaiju kids... bravo! For more photos from the event, hit the break below!

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