Nickelodeon SDCC 2014 exclusive "Rocksteady" & "Bebop" vinyl TMNT figures from Kidrobot!

While we are still waiting to see what Kidrobot has planned for SDCC... and yes, they will be there in one capacity or another, we just got word that Nickelodeon will have exclusive colorways of Kidrobot's new "Rocksteady" and "Bebop" vinyl figures. "Mutated to gain strength and ability to fight the Ninja Turtles, Rocksteady is a rhino and Bebop is a warthog... both humanoid street thugs known for their stupidity." Standing 7" tall, "Rocksteady" comes with classic cargos, goggles, and machine gun, and "Bebop" comes with mohawk, glasses, and turtle shell drill! The unique color combination used on both will only be found at conventions! They will be up for grabs via booth #4113 for $50 a pop!

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