Mutant Vinyl Hardcore vs. Grody Shogun's “Strawberry Iceys,” “Blood Eggs” & “Ghoulies” for SDCC!

Expanding on the previously teased pieces by Rich Montanari of Mutant Vinyl Hardcore (MVH) for Lulubell Toys's San Diego Comic-Con booth this year, we have three distinct micro edition being offered: “Strawberry Iceys” (above), “Blood Eggs” (below left) & “Ghoulies” (below right). Limited to runs of three and four (as pictured), these insanely wonderful pieces are sure to go quick… “Blood Eggs” is the only full Luke "Grody Shogun" Rook figure to be tackled by Montanari in the lot, as the other two incorporate his own MVH released “Death Sludge Demon” heads upon the Grody bodies! Available from Lulubell's SDCC Booth #5045, I imagine a race between fans to get their first and foremost.

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