"Greaser" & "King of Fighters" custom MAD*L's from Anthony Respect... these are AWESOME!

Recently Anthony Respect of Respect Graphics just finished up his first two MAD*L customs, both based off his blockhead sticker designs (HERE & HERE), and these stickers looked awesome! Now these customs... well, they turned out AMAZING! Both customized on the 5" platform, one of them is a greaser, with a big ass pompadour... "he takes no sh*t and never leaves home without his jacket." Gotta love that exaggerated hairdo and paint application, it's sick!
The other blockhead "loves to fight, he loves it so much he's the friggin' king of fighters! To be the king of fighters, you've gotta work... someone's face." Such awesome detail on the tattoo's, he even has a wallet chain! Anthony mentions that he had so much fun making them that he can't part with them, but is offering up the chance to pre-order your very own! Each one will be $125, and if a specific skin tone / or color jacket is wanted you can request that! Hit up his online store HERE for all the details! Great work dude!

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