Don P brings the Marvel Zombies versions of Hulk & Iron Man to life in Dunny form!

In 2005, comics readers were introduced to the Marvel Zombies universe in the pages of Ultimate Fantastic Four, written by Mark Millar (he of Kick-Ass fame). By the end of 2005, Marvel Zombies gets their own limited mini series, which spawned many more, written by Robert Kirkman (he of The Walking Dead fame). In 2014, customizer Don P accepts a commission to create "Hulk Zombie" and "Iron Zombie" out of 3-inch vinyl Dunnys, starting a zombie outbreak afresh… Wait, how did Don P start a zombie outbreak?!? Are you looking at these magnificent one-of-a-kind, hand-sculpted & -painted pieces he created? Everyone is going to be commissioning him for one now! Made complete with a sculpey base, you can commission your own Don P original creation from HERE — though it doesn't have to be a Marvel Zombie.

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