"Crittersaurus" will break, and destroy your heart, all at once!!!

Scott W. over at Shinbone Creative is always coming up with some of the coolest 3D designed monsters around, and recently, he created a new piece entitled "Crittersaurus" - which by the way is up for grabs in his online shop HERE as a fine art print! "Crittersaurus finds himself in a strange town, with no friends. Gently, he meanders from street to street, taking in the new sights and sounds, hopeful that, at last, he's found a place to call home. Scott Wetterschneider's giant, strange beasts are not your run-of-the-mill kaiju. They forgo violence, are often ill-at-ease, and do their best to keep a low profile. Accidents do happen, so be cautious." Measuring 12" x 12", this fine art print on 16" x 16" heavyweight archival matte paper can be yours for only $40 a pop. Pocket change for some... and think of how happy your walls will be with this hanging from them!

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