"Boba Keiko" pre-order from Fools Paradise!!!

Continuing with their Star Wars themed projects, the folks over at Fools Paradise have just announced their latest Keko figure... dubbed, "Boba" a nice little female spin on one of the most ruthless bounty hunters ever, Boba Fett. This is up for pre-sale via their website HERE for $239 a piece. Keep in mind that with such a steep price tag, you need to know that this is a handcrafted ART PIECE, made in resin and every part is handpainted... not a vinyl toy and not machine printing... so it truly is a work of art. I do like the twist on the helmet design, and the added accessories over the entire body are flawlessly executed. I'm sure you all know why that photo is cropped... but if not, and want to know why... hit the jump for the full reveal of the NSFW photos!

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