ANNOUNCED?!? Kidrobot's "Army of Snipers Dunny Series" with Angry Woebots, J★RYU, Luke Chueh, Sket-One & more!

In what could be the ultimate 'stumble across,' we discovered a pre-order for an "Army of Snipers Dunny Series" from Kidrobot! Quite possibly the company's end-of-the-year hyper series for 2014, there was absolutely no information in the pre-order aside from a case quantity size of 16, which confirms that it'll be a 3-inch tall blind boxed series as opposed to a special edition release. For those not familiar with Army of Snipers, it is an international arts collective whose membership includes Alisa "40 Threads" Ross, Angry Woebots, BiBi, Boosher, Jim Mahfood aka Food1, J★RYU, Mathew Curran, LEZA, Luke Chueh, Peap Tarr, Pixel Pancho, Ritzy Periwinkle, Scribe, Shane Jessup, Sheryo, Silent Stage, Sket-One, Tanja Jade, and THEY. While not all these artists would probably be called upon to design a Dunny for the series, there are certainly a lot of fresh voices in there that could be used!

[Announcement discovered in the PBM Express web shop.]

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