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Vannen × Skybound Entertainment's new "The Walking Dead" watch for SDCC 2014????

We're told that these various teaser images for the previously announced SDCC 2014 "Walking Dead" watch from Vannen and Skybound Entertainment will make sense, but right now it seems so disjointed… Almost as if this single watch release wasn't just one item… Well, we are also told that "this one is super limited and it comes with a few surprises," so perhaps it includes prints or — dare we say it — the previously teased toy! Or is it even for The Walking Dead... Yes, it looks like The Walking Dead, but the zombies in The Walking Dead aren't green. Walkers don't have green eyes. Walkers don't spit green gunk. Walkers are usually red or grey or of a rotten flesh-tone color. Not a vibrant green... maybe it's another series? The suspense is killing us, but we're sure to see a full reveal prior to this year's San Diego Comic-Con! Knowing Vannen, a proper announcement with photos and art will be probably be revealed very soon. Keep checking back... and if you are attending SDCC, be sure to mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 24th, 2014 (Preview Night) at Skybound's booth #2729!

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