Ummikko's brand new 'floating marble' technique "Koningu" figures in painted & unpainted versions!

Ummikko's "Koningu" figure might be obviously inspired by King Kong, but this 5½-inch tall Japanese vinyl (sofubi) piece is completely stylized in the artist's blocky technique. And, speaking of techniques, there seems to be a quote-unquote new one used in the casting of these painted and unpainted pieces; called the "floating marble" technique, it appears to have a softer transition between colors, resulting in a more cloud-like affect. These have been cast in clear blue and white vinyl using this "floating marble" technique — with the unpainted one adding a more tradition red marble third color to the mix — and they'll be exclusively available from Lulubell Toy Bodega on June 20th at 12:01AM Pacific time until June 21st, 2014 at 12:01AM Pacific time… That's right, it's a 24-hour only ordering window! The painted version, which has black, red, gold, and gunmetal accents, will be available as an open edition pre-order for those 24 hours, costing only $65 apiece. The unpainted micro edition, on the other hand, will be much tougher to come by… These will be sold only to the lucky few that are drawn in a lottery, these uber-limited pieces costing $95 each; during the 24-hour period (and only during that period) interested collectors will have to email amy [at] lulubelltoys [dot] com (subject line must be Koningu Lottery) with their Full Name, Shipping Address, and Email Used For Paypal to have a chance to win. Only one entry per household, by the way!

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