Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's "Borg Head" for the 2000AD × Unbox Industries's "Visible Man" Bootleg Series!

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's Rich Montanari has revealed this teaser for his tentatively titled "Borg Head" version of Unbox Industries's licensed "Visible Man" figure from the 2000AD comics. While still in the 3D design phase, Montanari's "Bootleg" version of the figure will either be released independently from the initial figures or part of a second series of "Bootleg" figures (I'm praying for the latter). We are warned that Montanari "may have to remove the stems from the orbs so the outer helmet fits though." With the base figure is set to be released around the end of this month (June 2014) and the first series of "Bootleg" versions expected to be out by the end of July, we can pray to see this amazing design before the end of the year!

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