Kaiju Rhaal 'Wave 5' from Gorgoloid!!!

"Rhaal is monster born from our own ignorance. The Rhaal is a amphibious Water Elemental Guardian of Gaia rising against the human’s attacks in their respected geographic territories. The Rhaal have become deformed and delirious from our toxic waste, pollution, and over fishing of our waters. They are retaliating with prejudice and fury. We have provoked a slumbering giant." Are these 5-inch tall, 200 gram "Kaiju Rhaal" resin figures mutant menaces or misunderstood monsters? The fifth wave of  Gorgoloid's popular one-off creature creations are upon us... each unique piece is dyed with Monster Kolor during the casting process and then hand-painted with Monster Kolor afterwards… Each of these four singed pieces by Gorgoloid will be available TODAY Friday, June 13th, 2014 at 6pm PST in his online shop HERE... SWEET!!!

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