GOING FAST: Chauskoskis's Dunny-esque "Baby Greasebat" resin figure with discount code!

Stunning sculptor Chauskoskis's 'other half' commented that he could lower his price on the "Baby Greasebat" resin figures, the 3-inch tall Dunny-esque interpretations of the full-size Jeff Lamm designed — and Chauskoskis sculpted — "Greasebat" figure. Since his lady made him feel bad about the price, Chauskoskis decided to lower them: from now on, unpainted versions will be around $60 apiece and painted ones will be roughly $65 each! Why the guessing game of prices? Well, for now, he's simply giving a discount on the handful of remaining copies of the "Kentucky Bluegrass '10 Edition" as well as the "NYCC '10 Green Edition," both in his web shop now! Just use the code MISSCHAUSKOSKIS for the appropriate discount to be applied… Plus, if you bought these figures at the previous price, you will be refunded or compensated on your next order!

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