Ghostbusters, Pulp Fiction, and Breaking Bad... what do they have in common?!?!

They all want to be vinyl figures!!!! Growing up in the 80's was a fab time. We were kids, with long summer holiday's, great NEON fashion and of course the games, music, films and TV that burst into our homes and hit the big screen can't be beaten. Even today, hearing an old school track, seeing an old arcade games or watching re-runs evokes great memories from what was one of the best decades in our time. Having kinda matured over the years, with a love for all things toys and retro, the folks over at TOONSTAR are seeking your support to develop a range of keychains and vinyl toys based on the TOONSTAR® range of characters... which, by the way, is up on Kickstarter HERE right now! This is their second attempt at this project... and they have streamlined their approach... now, they need your help!

So who are TOONSTAR®? Since 2007, they have designed over 200 cartoon caricatures based on iconic celebrities currently printed on loads of stuff like canvases, posters, mugs, back to school ranges, bags and apparel, their core range of products. These are sold worldwide through its licensee's and distributors... and now, they are getting into little toys! After months of discussions, they ended up obtaining a license to make these 2D characters into 3D toys, so we can all hang out with these guys any time at home, work, or play.

The figures are 3" high with movable head and arms whilst the keychains are 1.5" high moulded in 1 piece. Oh, and their first series will include characters from such iconic properties such as: Pulp Fiction, Ghostbusters, Breaking Bad, and even New Direction ... not to mention some EPIC stretch goals that include figures from Resivoir Dogs, and Star Wars! This is a really cool new series of fun figures and they have a ton of great tier levels for everyones budget. So head on over HERE now and help make this project a reality!

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