Coarse Toys's "omen blink" vinyl owl figures in six retailer exclusive colorways available on June 11th!

Spotted on Tenacious Toys's Instagram feed, these new adorable and stylized interpretations of owls by Coarse Toys, the 3½-inch tall "omen blink" vinyl figures, will be flying the coop in only a week! Yes, fluttering their way exclusively into designer toy stores far and wide, these wonderful creations with rotating faces will be available in the six versions pictured… The glow-in-the-dark "ignited" editions (pictured above) are "beam" and "flash," the former of which is pictured on the outside both times, and then there are the slightly blue "loser" editions (below left) of "flop" and "trip" as well as the "monochrome" versions (below right) of "orb" and "eclipse." All releasing on June 11th, 2014, there is no official word on limitation or pricing, though we suspect they will be limited to 600 pieces and retail for only $12.95 apiece, thus staying in-line with the previous editions.

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